chelsea picking out peaches

Farmers Market Peaches

Warmer weather is coming and so are the peaches 🍑! We can’t resist juicy peaches in the summertime. If you love peaches too, check out some fun facts about these fuzzy fruits (and their not so fuzzy relatives). 


Peaches in wood baskets
Peaches from Arnett Farms at the Irvine Farmers Market in Irvine, California.


  • Peaches are the state fruit of both Georgia and South Carolina.


  • Peaches are a member of the rose 🌹family, along with plums, apples 🍏, and pears 🍐.


  • In the United States, August is “National Peach Month!”


We love eating peaches most ways, and some of our favorites are fresh and baked in fried peach pies. For some fun ideas of ways to use peaches, check out Taste of Home’s Recipes to Make with Fresh Peaches


But what about those not so fuzzy nectarines? How are those different from peaches? 


nectarines in wood crate
Nectarines from Sweet Tree Farms at the Irvine Farmers Market in Irvine, California



  • Nectarines are indeed the same species as peaches, and it is thought that a gene variant causes the fuzz vs. no fuzz, differentiating a peach from a nectarine.


  • Nectarines have been called “shaved peaches” because of the lack of fuzz on their skin.


  • Nectarine means “sweet as nectar,” likely referring to the fruits deliciously sweet flavor.


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chelsea picking out peaches
Peaches from Hazelrig Orchards at the Chattanooga Market in Tennessee.


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