strawberries held in hands

Farmers Market Berries

Does anyone else love berries?! Here are some fun facts about our favorite farmers market berries.


strawberries in baskets
Strawberries from Coronado Farmers Market near San Diego, California


  • On average, strawberries have 200 seeds. 


  • Although they are called strawBERRY, in the botanical sense, strawberries aren’t technically classified as berries, but as aggregate accessory fruits.


  • Strawberry plants are perennial, so after they are planted once they will come back each year.


  • Luckily for us, they are among the first fruits to ripen in the spring!


  • Strawberries are the state fruits of Delaware, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.


raspberries in container at farmers market
Raspberries from Cortez Farms at the Irvine Farmers Market in Irvine, California.


  • Like strawberries, raspberries are botanically classified not as berries, but as aggregate fruits. This is because of the many drupelets that form around the stem of the fruit, which stays on the plant when picked, leaving the hole in the middle of the fruit.


  • It is said that each individual raspberry is made up of around 100 drupelets.


blackberries in container at farmers market
Blackberries from Cortez Farms at the Irvine Farmers Market in Irvine, California.


  • Blackberry season typically peaks in July and August.


  • Blackberries are the state fruits of Alabama and Kentucky.


  • Blackberries are also called brambleberries because they grow on a thorny shrub called a bramble.


  • Those who study blackberries are known as batologists, as the scientific study of brambles is known as batology.



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strawberries held in hands
Strawberries from Oak Grove Farms at the Hip Donelson Farmers Market in Tennessee.

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