two green tomatoes held in hands

Farmers Market Tomatoes

One of our “go to” finds that we cannot resist at farmers markets are tomatoes! We love them in all shapes, colors, and sizes, from large funny shaped heirlooms to multicolored cherry tomatoes. Here are a few fun and interesting facts about tomatoes.


cherry tomatoes wet from rain
Cherry tomatoes from Sylva Lining Organics at the Gold Coast Organic Market in Gold Coast, Australia.


  • There are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes today.

  • Tomatoes are said to have originated in Peru.

  • We aren’t the only ones who love tomatoes, they are the state fruit of Arkansas, Ohio, and Tennessee!

  • Botanically, tomatoes are fruits, but they are often prepared and eaten alongside vegetables.


many multicolored heirloom tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes from Valdivia Farms at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, California.


  • At farmers markets, we often see heirloom tomatoes. These tomato seeds are passed down from generation to generation, like a family heirloom. Each season the seeds are saved by farmers and replanted the next, giving us the rainbow-colored, quirky shaped, juicy tomatoes we love!

  • Tomatoes can be prepared and eaten in so many ways. We love slicing tomatoes raw and topping them with mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette, and basil or sautéing them with garlic and herbs (our favorite additions are basil, thyme, parsley, and sage).

For more recipe ideas to use with your tomato haul, check out Bon Appétit’s 65 Tomato Recipes.


cherokee purple tomatoes
Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes from Rocky Mountain Fresh at the Boulder Winter Farmers Market in Colorado.


Another farmers market find you might have seen before is a tomatillo! Although they are a member of the tomato family 🍅 and look like green tomatoes, they are from a different plant. Tomatillos are said to have originated in Mexico 🇲🇽 and have a thin husk that grows around them that will be removed before eating. They have a somewhat tart flavor and are a main ingredient in one of our favorites: salsa verde! 💃

One of our favorite salsa craft makers is Sonia’s Salsa – check out her salsas here!


Green tomatillos in basket
Tomatillos from Sunflower Savannah Country Fresh Vegetables at the Tower Grove Farmers Market in St. Louis.


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