grimm owner in with lots of peppers

Grimm Bros Foods (Seattle, WA)

grimm owner in with lots of peppersGrimm Bros Foods is a family run hot sauce company in Seattle, Washington. We found Antonio and Melynda this summer at the Madrona Farmers Market in Seattle during our cross-country farmers market road trip (highly recommend). We immediately took notice. Antonio was one of the most charismatic venders we met all summer! We could feel his love for food and sauces. While generously offering us samples, Antonio told us all about their unique sauces, made from the three hottest peppers (Ghost pepper, scorpion, and reapers) on earth! He is so much fun. But, the hot sauces are not just about the heat (oh, there’s more). Somehow, their sauces have an equally delicious taste as well. With years of experience, Antonio is the hot sauce guru of Seattle, and Melynda is an Air Force veteran with the drive to keep the business bustling.

grimm products lined upRapid Journey

Local folks LOVE Grimm Bros hot sauce.  One of their local wholesale accounts, Odin’s Brew House, told to them, “People love your hot sauce. They keep stealing it. We need to buy bulk.” Now, the restaurant puts Grimm’s sauce in squeeze bottles to deter sticky fingers.

Antonio, “We’ve only been in business for five months. I worked with hot sauce seven years before I started my own business. I’ve got hot sauce on the brain. Melynda does too. In five months, we’ve sold almost 4000 bottles of hot sauce. It drives you to do better. You want to succeed. I want more people to be excited. We don’t ever plan on stopping.”

They already have four wholesale accounts in the world famous pike place market. The Athenian, featured in Sleepless in Seattle, carries their Fire Potion #3 on their tables. Three Girls Bakery carries Hotheads Honey Mustard, for their Grimm Red Rueben. They also have our cherry based BBQ Potion for which they are developing a pulled pork sandwich. Their newest accounts are Honest Biscuits as and Pike Brewing Company.

booth at marketTeamwork & Drive

On how they met, Antonio, “We met over hot sauce. Us together is like wonder twin power hot sauce! We’re up early. The demand for it has been insane. Bottles are everywhere. I can’t believe how quickly it took off. I wanted people to be a little intimidated by it. The whole fear factor of this sauce. It is safe enough for you to eat and enjoy it, but you gotta like it hot.”

On Their Journey

Antonio: “It’s been a constant grind. We’re growing peppers, we’re picking peppers, we’re drying peppers. We’re making sauce. We’re looking at each other. We need more land to grow these peppers. It’s a serious juggling act. We start like so early. There’s days when we’re up at like 4 o clock in the morning. It’s drive.

barbeque potion productAdvice for Food Entrepreneurs

Melynda: “We didn’t know the things we didn’t know. We didn’t even know where to start to look. Here locally, Seattle main, things have just rocketed with the local networks. I encourage people to look for their local support networks. Getting in touch with the right resources. Knowledge is huge.”


Antonio, “We really care about the process of growing Grimm Family Nurseries. No matter how hard it is, the challenges are and just keep going. It’s really are philosophy. Everything is possible. You can’t fake belief. We believe in our product; we believe in our process. Just keep going.”

Antonio even uses hot sauce “for medicinal purposes, [such as] headaches. Pain transference vasodilator. This out is how deep the hot sauce rabbit whole goes. You first start making hot sauce and before you realize it you’re an alchemist on it.”

We told you he was the hot sauce guru!


green peppers growingFuture Plans

They are determined to keep it local with all the ingredients sourced from their farm or nearby farms.

“We’re growing the peppers ourselves. We are farmers. We’re pepper farmers. Our goal is to grow hot sauce. We’re trying to grow a bottle a hot sauce. We want to grow the tomatoes. The spices, etc. We’re taking the steps to get more land to grow every bottle of hot sauce.”


picking peppersYou can find Grimm Bros at Madrona farmers markets in Seattle, WA. Meeting them is an amazing experience!

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