4 bottles of hot mama salsa hot sauce variety pack

Hot Mama Sauce Variety Pack (Portland, OR)

Hot Mama Salsa’s hot sauces have so much flavor! We met Hot Mama Salsa in Portland, Oregon at the King Farmer’s Market.  Their booth was packed with regulars and newcomers alike who were stocking up on their favorite sauces. If your looking for a new hot sauce, look no further! To give you a description of each of the flavors, why not hear from Hot Mama Salsa herself:


I began making this hot sauce for the farmers market crowd that keep saying nothing was hot enough for them. When I was young I never liked the Habanero because I could never taste it’s flavor, most of the hot sauce I’d tried just hit your palate up front with heat and the flavor was lost. Once I started working with Grey on the farm I began to understand the nuances of the Habanero. I knew they need something sweet to delay the heat so that you could taste the flavor of the chili before the heat set in. I didn’t want to use sugar in our products so I looked toward Central American cooking that often uses root vegetables with chilie peppers and added the roasted carrot. The carrot gives the hot sauce the sweetness you need to be able to taste the fruity floral notes of the Habanero before it’s heat hit your palate. This hot sauce is sweet, fruity, and delicious. Count on it for about a 5 minute burn.

El Tamarindo:

El Tamarindo is rich, sweet, tart, and earthy with a high medium heat level. We mixed the flavors of Indian and Mexican cuisine in this hot sauce to create a superb addition to any dish.

La Femme Fatali:

We use a unique Central African chili called the Fatali in this sauce. Its flavor is sweet and fruity with a skunky edge. Paired with sweet potato and pineapple juice it calls upon Caribbean flavor. The heat level of this sauce is slightly hotter than a Habanero pepper with a burn that may last 10 minutes.

You can purchase Hot Mama Salsa’s hot sauce variety pack here and check out her booth for her chili oils. If you live in the Portland area, you can also find Hot Mama Salsa at the PSU, Kenton, Hollywood, St. Johns, and King Farmers Markets.

4 bottles of hot mama salsa hot sauce variety pack

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