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hand holding casaba melon

Farmers Market Melons

We love finding all different types of melons at farmers markets. Here are a few melons we’ve found at markets and some fun facts about them.

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orange, yellow, and purple carrots

Farmers Market Root Vegetables

We are huge fans of root vegetables and they are a staple grab for us at the farmers market. Here are fun facts about some of the root vegetables we have discovered at farmers markets across the country (and world)!

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figs in basket at farmers market

Farmers Market Tropical Fruits

When visiting farmers markets across the country (and world) we love finding fruits that we don’t often see back in our home state of Tennessee. Tropical fruits are among our favorite to find. Here are a few fun facts about some of the tropical fruits we have discovered.

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chris and chelsea in front of lexington farmers market holding sunflower

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from DLSH! 🎉 We wish you a year of health, happiness, and all the farmers market finds your heart desires!

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broccoli in basket at market

Farmers Market Cruciferous Vegetables

 The Cruciferous vegetable family (also known as the cabbage family or the mustard family) is home to some of our favorite vegetables, including cauliflower, broccoli, and bok choy to name a few. Here are a few fun facts about veggies in this yummy family.

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small cream, brown, and pink oyster mushrooms in basket

Farmers Market Mushrooms

One of the many things we love about farmers markets is learning from the farmers we meet (or in this case, foragers). Who better to educate us than those who grow the food we eat?! Here are some fun facts about our favorite types of mushrooms we have learned from farmers market foragers.

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basil microgreens in growing cup

Farmers Market Microgreens

We are seeing microgreens sprouting up at almost every market we visit. We’ve learned from farmers that these vegetables may be small, but they are mighty! Here are some fun facts about microgreens. 

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hand holding plum

Farmers Market Plums

We are plum crazy for these juicy fruits we discovered at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia. Here are some interesting facts about plums and pluots (if you are not sure what that is don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of them before either).

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Zippy Cook

Looking for a way to sweeten up your week?! Check out Zippy Cook, a family craft food business from Cleveland, Ohio. They use organic coconuts  to create their unique artisanal candies, including flavors of caramel, coffee, dark, white, and strawberry velvet truffle.

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basket full of green and red apples

Farmers Market Apples

One of the many things we love about Autumn is that it is also apple season! For those apple lovers out there, here are some fun facts.

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