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Tamim Teas (Boston, MA)

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Tamim Teas is an herbal mushroom tea company out of Boston, Massachusetts. We first discovered Tamim Teas at the South of Washington (SOWA) Market in Boston. We were initially hesitant when we stumbled across their booth because we’ve tasted some very bitter mushroom teas in the past. But, the owners were friendly and their presentation was very warm and welcoming. To our surprise, we were delighted by the incredible taste! Instead of just using raw mushrooms, Tamim Teas are mixed with organic herbs to create balanced and nourishing blends. Also, the herbs don’t have caffeine, so it’s great for drinking at any and all times of the day. Furthermore, they source their organic ingredients from family farms in Maine, Virginia, and Massachusetts. At their booth, we first sampled their Reishi Delight as an iced tea, a supremely refreshing drink on a hot market day.

Liat Racin is the founder and owner of the company. She started the company after her friend was diagnosed with an immune deficiency disease and subsequently recommended medicinal mushrooms for immune system strength. From then, Liat began her own research and mushroom tea tasting. Her tea recipes are unlike any other mushroom teas that we’ve tried before this summer market season. And, she’s worked very hard to create unique and pleasant herb and mushroom combinations, including chaga and shiitake varieties. 

You can read more about her flavors and mushroom benefits here: https://www.tamimteas.com/benefits/.

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