tomato pesto jars beside fresh tomatoes

Tomato Pesto (Duxbury, MA)

Farmers Market Friends travels to markets around the world to discover the most delicious goods and creative makers. Hear from one of these creative makers, Lara’s Cuisine, about their delicious tomato pestos! 

From Lara’s Cuisine: 

Tomato pesto’s rich, full bodied taste is a classic on ravioli, pasta, and a fine accompaniment to most grilled or roasted meat. A flavorful dipping that can also be used for a healthy sandwich or bruschetta.

Born and raised in Emilia (Italy), the land of Parmigiano Reggiano, Lasagna, Bolognese Sauce, Parma Ham and more, I have inevitably inherited a great passion for cooking, and treasured the best kept recipes of the Italian cuisine.

Since I moved to Boston I shared and offered my recipes with friends, who enjoyed them so much that literally pushed me into starting this project called Lara’s Cuisine. I am greatly excited to have the opportunity to share my recipes with whoever loves Italian food, and is willing to enjoy my homemade products. It took an endless amount of history and culture to build the great Italian food tradition, I am proud to be part of it and to share it with you.

Buon appetito!

Lara Ferri

You can purchase Lara’s delicious tomato pesto here, and check out her booth for some of her other flavors including artichoke pesto, black olive pesto, spicy pesto piccante, zucchini & curry pesto, and spicy sun dried tomatoes! 

tomato pesto jars beside fresh tomatoes

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